SMS attendance notifications for parents

Every parent wants to be on top of things when it comes to the child’s attendance at school – what periods have been attended; has the child arrived to school on time; whether have, perhaps, skipped a class? Every parent wants to be sure that the child is safe at school and that the attendance is regular – as well as if, perhaps, some subject is not going very well and the student is avoiding it – in order to help the student master it.

Now it is all possible. The parents of Savremena’s students receive daily SMS notifications regarding their children’s attendance, as well as the number of absences the students have on a particular day. So, they can always know where their children are and whether they have arrived to school safely.

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How do SMS notifications work?

It is quite simple. Each morning, at the beginning of the first period, the parents who subscribed for these notifications get an SMS containing the information whether the child is present or not, along with the information on the subject and its start time. The message arrives within 5 minutes of the teacher’s recording the student's attendance. Should a student fail to attend the first period, an SMS attendance notification is sent to their parents the moment their child appears in school.

In addition, an SMS notification regarding the student’s absences on a particular day is sent to the parent’s at the end of the day.

Changes from the e-diary on your phone

If you need more information, you can state so in the response as well, and the Student Service will be in touch with you shortly. Our students’ parents have access to the e-diary, where all the marks and activities, as well as the student’s attendance, are recorded; now, they will also be notified of the attendance by SMS.

It is only one of the benefits designed to further advance the transparency, knowledge and communication between the parents and Savremena International School.

How useful are SMS notifications?

The parent knows where their child is at any time – and this is one of the greatest parental cares and interests. Thanks to this useful service, you will be in the know as to whether your child’s attendance is regular, whether they have arrived to school safely, and what periods they have attended.

Even when you have no internet access, you receive messages on your mobile device, notifying you of your child's arrival time and any missed lessons, so you can check on your child right away and provide assistance if needed.

This is why Savremena parents do not have to worry – they can rely on the school, while the mutual trust with the student and with the school has reached an even higher level.

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