We are very glad to present you with this guide on how to optimise your learning process. It is a 200-page book where you will find a lot of priceless information. We believe it will become an indispensable reference for you each time you set out to learn something new.

In this book, you will find:

  • Which strategy you can use to shorten the time spent on learning
  • Time-management secrets as applied by the most successful professionals
  • Which are the four best methods to study and how to practise them
  • 11 real motivational techniques which will switch you into a learning mode whenever you want
  • 5 steps for efficient studying: how to digest knowledge quickly
  • How to cover study materials so that you minimise the study time but maximise knowledge retention
  • Secrets of super-memory
  • What to avoid when attending lessons and what never to avoid in order to memorise more
  • Best note-taking
  • How to learn public speaking techniques, which techniques to apply and how this can help you boost comprehension
  • Which study checklist to use
  • 7 self-tests to identify a level of progression in study and presentation techniques
  • And much much more...



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