University of Cambridge accredited Savremena International School as a Cambridge International School EA034. The school implements Secondary 2 and A-levels curricula. This accreditation has been received as a result of meeting the strict criteria regarding expertise of the teaching staff, diverse teaching resources, facility requirements and safety measures.


The Decision of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia no. 022-05-00036 /2015-03, dated 14 March 2016, authorises Savremena to implement the Cambridge Secondary 2/IGCSE, Advanced-levels, A and AS Levels curricula.


Savremena is accredite both for primary and secondary programmes of Cambridge Assessment International Education.

  • Incomparably modern Cambridge secondary school in Serbia

When it comes to being a modern Cambridge secondary school, Savremena International School is beyond compare, all thanks to our accreditation and innovative approach to education. While the National programme fosters traditional values and our students’ mother tongue, the Cambridge programme exudes our school’s international and multicultural spirit.

The curriculum, as determined by Cambridge International Examinations, was set to meet the highest educational standards. It was carefully designed to suit students at various knowledge levels and with various needs and capabilities.

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  • Eligibility for universities across the world

This mode of education enables students to attend two Cambridge programme levels (IGCSE and A-level) in four years, and acquire two international Cambridge diplomas (ICE and AICE), which will will open the doors to the world’s most renowned universities and companies.

Students who opt for this programme will attend English-mediated lessons and improve their language skills to a level at which they can comfortably pursue higher education abroad.

We firmly believe that upon graduating from Savremena International School, with the knowledge they are set to acquire in the Cambridge programme, and internationally recognised diplomas as testaments to their education and competencies, our students will have no trouble enrolling into the university of their choice, whether it be in Serbia or abroad.


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Contemporary in any sense of the word, our school offers functional knowledge and quality preparation for tertiary education in Serbia and abroad. Implementing modern and creative teaching in the classroom, where the teachers’ pedagogy and students’ performance are aligned with the highest academic standards for the high-school finals, our school develops linguistic, mathematical, scientific, artistic, cultural, technical and ICT competence, which is a prerequisite for further education and professional development. Teaching is supported by the interactive whiteboards and educational software, whereas practice exercises research and critical thinking.