The phenomenon of Apple Inc.

On Monday, 13 January, International School Savremena’s Economics and Business students had an opportunity to attend a groundbreaking lecture given by Dr Miloš Petković. The lecturer tried to implement some of the most efficient strategic tools to explain the phenomenon of Apple Inc.

From a garage office to a global corporation

We were all wondering how and why Apple Inc. is so successful. It grew so fast from a garage office to a global corporation which changed the world of communication and technology. 

The lecture was about strategic management case study analysis and its implementation.

Dr Miloš Petković introduced several most important methods of strategic analysis and explained them using Apple Inc. company as an example. The methods and analysis included: PEST analysis, SWAT method, Porter's five competitive forces, and Red and Blue ocean.

About the lecturer

Dr Miloš Petković is an expert on international management, who earned his doctoral degree at the Graduate School of Management of Nice, France, supported by the French and Serbian government as one of the most talented students. He also brings valuable experience from Sorbonne Business School and Singidunum University.

Apart from learning about the inner workings of one of the biggest companies, International School Savremena’s students had a chance to think about their possible future career choices.

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