NEWS: Uglješa Pantelić cheered on at Youth Olympic Games

Our Uglješa Pantelić, a Year 12 student and an outstanding skier, has his fan club at Savremena, who kept their fingers crossed while he faced one of the greatest challenges, Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games, which takes place from 9 until 22 January 2020 in Switzerland.

Uglješa has three races in the Alpine Skiing Men's Slalom (Giant Slalom, Men's Super-G, Alpine Combined), which are a natural follow-up after his outstanding result at the national level where Uglješa won the Giant Slalom in 2019. As his most faithful audience, our students and teachers gathered in the school restaurant on Monday, where they watched the broadcast of this sports event. Sending Uglješa a long-distance support, his fan club cheered him on with trepidation and great expectations. We were all very happy to see Uglješa ranked 31st and 33rd in a very tough competition of skiers from all over the world.

At Savremena, we share and we care for each other. We celebrate our students and teachers’ success and support them along the way. We strongly believe that academic results are important in life, but developing a school culture supportive of extracurricular ambitions is precious for young people like Uglješa and his school friends. Caring and sharing is a feature that we are very proud of as it makes us – truly different.

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