Viktor Đurić, Savremena’s graduate and teenage music star, launches video for new song “Pored nje”

A new summer hit has arrived! Viktor Đurić, International School Savremena’s recent graduate, made a video for his new song “Pored nje” (“By Her Side”), which took a single day to become one of the summer of 2019’s hottest hits. Savremena consistently supported him in pursuing his career in music along with his school activities, which resulted in a number of shows and the making of this video.

Listen to the whole song, with music and lyrics by Viktor himself.

Viktor’s voice has already reached far, although his music career is still in its early stages. In addition to being a great singer, he is an accomplished guitarist and plays a number of other instruments quite well, which makes him one of the region’s most gifted teenage stars.

Savremena’s band Gimnazijalci as portal to Viktor’s music career

During his time at Savremena, the young singer was a member of one of the best high school bands – Gimnazijalci, which formed a solid foundation for the stellar launch of his solo career.

At Savremena, Viktor also showcased his acting talent, blending singing and acting through playing a prominent role alongside his friends in Savremena’s musical “SGrease”. 

Viktor was recently a guest at TV N1, where he and Uroš Krstović, Savremena’s extracurricular activities coordinator, talked about their work and played some music. 

Developing students’ talents through modern clubs

Savremena strives to provide a cutting-edge environment for its students, both in the educational realm in a narrower sense and through extracurricular activities, i.e. the development of their talents. The students can articulate their interests, talents and potential for further development as members of Savremena’s clubs, which provide a splendid environment for the development of their many talents.

We wish Viktor a lot of success in his further career in music!

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