International School Savremena’s students visit Frikom

On Wednesday, 5 June, the students of International School Savremena had a unique opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge about the inner workings of one of Serbia’s biggest companies – Frikom. They visited this economic giant accompanied by their business, economics and biology teachers.

During this visit, the students learnt about the manner in which this company has secured its status of the largest manufacturer and distributor of frozen products. 

Different sides of the visit

As the central company in the frozen goods sector, Frikom has set the standards in the organisation of all business elements in this area. In order to remain a strong regional player in the production and sales of ice cream and other frozen products, Frikom constantly strives to expand its selection and modify it according to market demands and consumer needs. Savremena’s students learnt about Frikom’s successful enrichment and expansion on the domestic market, as well as their sales abroad.

Poseta kompaniji Frikom

This was an excellent opportunity for Savremena’s students to see how food production works in practice in one of the country’s best companies. This direct insight works well with their studies of business and economics at school. This, of course, does not mean that the visit was lacking in the entertainment value department – quite the contrary. This applies especially to hands-on exploration of ice cream production. Afterwards, Savremena’s inquisitive students asked numerous questions about the workings of the company, sales and marketing, showcasing the knowledge from some of their favourite subjects and putting it to practical use.

A sweet treat for the students

The visit ended with a treat for all the sweet-toothed students – the visitors enjoyed their favourite flavours of Rumenko, Kapri and Macho while discussing their impressions of this exciting, yet educational visit. The secrets of developing a well-known brand and bringing products to many homes and satisfied customers were just some of the things the students learnt. 

International School Savremena cherishes the spirit of learning through theory as well as practice, which is why such visits are sure to continue in the future.

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