Savremena’s students shine in the role of diplomats at Model United Nations in Ptuj

Students Matija Šarenac, Teodora Đokić, Isidora Šmitran, Katarina Aleksić and Andrej Rstić, accompanied by teacher Tatjana Koluvija, participated in the three-day regional MUN (Model United Nations) conference at the Ptuj High School in Ptuj, Slovenia.

The team of Savremena’s students, whose task was to represent Kuwait, performed excellently in the role of diplomats at the UN simulation, with a particularly good performance from Isidora Šmitran who received the Honourable Delegate award in her United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UDC).

Savremena’s students employ critical thinking, balanced judgement and tolerance to present their ideas in debates

Through simulations which included adopting resolutions, solving vital political issues regarding environmental protection, the protection and safety of citizens, as well as legal matters in various countries of the world, Savremena’s students presented themselves as experienced diplomats. International School Savremena’s team comprised two presiding members: Katarina Aleksić and Matija Šarenac.

The concept of the conference was designed so as to enable the participants to display their communication, presentation and debating skills through practical tasks in which Savremena’s students performed excellently and took the opportunity to learn new skills and make new acquaintances.

Model United Nations

Through the three-day stay in Ptuj with their peers from various countries, Savremena’s students once again showed, both during the conference and in informal activities, that team spirit, fair play, balanced judgement and tolerance are the features of each student of Savremena.

Student Isidora Šmitran receives Honourable Delegate award

The goal of the conference was to connect peers from various countries of the world and encourage the exchange of experience in the region and beyond.

Despite the fact that the conference was not a competition, student Isidora Šmitran’s performance earned her an Honourable Delegate award in UDC.

Participation at this year’s MUN opens new doors for Savremena’s students

Savremena’s students’ participation in MUN Ptuj opened the doors to upcoming MUN conferences where they will once again have the opportunity to promote their academic skills in the best possible manner. Savremena always encourages its students to partake in educational events which comply with their interests, provide them with new knowledge, and create a stable base for their future education and career.

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