Savremena’s students attend workshop on peer violence

On Wednesday, 3 April, the students and teachers of International School Savremena welcomed two experts on non-violent conflict solutions and peer violence.

Year 10 students, along with their class teacher, Global Perspectives teacher and the principal, participated in the workshop on peer violence, thus showing their awareness of the paramount issues in schools today.


Violence is never the answer

The presentation was both lively and informative. It covered topics relating to the types of violence, including emotional and physical violence, and the manner in which it is carried out, i.e. what accounts for violent behaviour towards an individual or a group of people. The students provided well-informed answers and approached the issue in a critical manner.

International School Savremena is proud of having such educated students, who believe in the peaceful resolution of conflicts. The spirit of mutual understanding and friendship nurtured at International School Savremena was once again proven at the workshop.

Jovana Živković“It is of the utmost importance for young minds to be aware of the challenges each individual faces every day, regardless of their social status, ethnic background, gender, etc. These challenges are common to all people. During this workshop, the students tackled different peer violence scenarios so as to learn even more about this burning question that affects modern-day schools”, said teacher Jovana Živković.

Friendly spirit of Savremena

By participating in such events and activities, the students are exposed from their teen years to the demands and issues of the world around them. Through its students, the school promotes the spirit of companionship and kindness.

Furthermore, such activities encourage an open mind and a sense of acceptance. The students and teachers of International School Savremena are looking forward to future events which will promote the values of friendship, equality and selflessness.

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