A warm welcome: The students of Savremena visit their friends from Niš

On Monday, 25 March, Year 10 students travelled to Niš with their class teacher Jovana Živković, school life coordinator Neda Jovović, and psychology teacher Nikola Samac.

The students and their teachers visited the Bora Stanković Secondary School in Niš, where they were welcomed by the principal, the teachers and the students from the bilingual class, who prepared a special programme for their friends from Savremena.

Books, songs and sightseeing

Monday was filled with a variety of activities for Year 10. Upon arriving, the students from the Bora Stanković Secondary School performed for Savremena’s students there were songs, a short play, and a video they made to promote safe behaviour in the Chemistry lab. Savremena’s students were delighted by their effort. On the other hand, they brought much needed books to the secondary school in Niš, which will help the teachers and the students prepare better for their upcoming exams.


After such a warm welcome, Savremena’s guests were taken out for a tour of the city by three students with great knowledge of the local history and geography. They visited the central city square, the fortress, and the quay on the Nišava river. Numerous friendships were formed during this visit which ended with many promises of future visits from both sides.

Altruism and friendship

International School Savremena promotes the spirit of friendliness and care for others, as proven by this visit. Not only did the teachers from the Bora Stanković Secondary School receive invaluable resources for their future lessons, but the students of Savremena also showed once again that their selflessness is to be looked up to.

The future is bound to be filled with many similar activities, which will enable Savremena’s students to meet new people, and spread the values of Savremena in a mutual teaching-learning process.

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