Via Academica’s presentation for a successful academic future

Last week, the education agency Via Academica held a successful presentation at International School Savremena which helped our students start preparing for university enrolment on time.

A plethora of universities to choose from

This presentation was paramount for Savremena’s students who are getting ready to continue their careers after secondary school.

The presentation

Jovana Tintor, the co-founder and education consultant at Via Academica, presented to the students of Savremena the opportunities of studying abroad and the documentation required in the process. Since International School Savremena believes that good preparation is halfway to success, the students are given multiple chances to get acquainted with the prerequisites for the application process.

Answers to all potential concerns about future studies

The number of participants in this workshop was high and the students were very satisfied with the things they learnt.

Eyad Al-HussainEyad Al-Hussein from Year 12A said about the presentation:

I found out something new and got information about different opportunities regarding my future studies.

The students posed a wide range of questions regarding undergraduate studies, choosing the right university, subjects, scholarships, as well as the potential obstacles one could come across when applying to a university.

Katarina AleksićAs Katarina Aleksić from Year 12B mentioned :

The presentation was informative, as it opened up university options that I didn't know about before, and answered all my concerns about my future studies.


Such presentations have already become somewhat of a tradition at International School Savremena, as the well-being of the students and their future academic careers are paramount for the school.

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