Another notable achievement: Global School of Entrepreneurship medal and certificate for Katarina Aleksić

Driven by her wish to learn new skills and enrich her CV, Katarina Aleksić, Savremena’s student from class 12b, applied for the Global School of Entrepreneurship – of course, with Savremena’s full support, as the school is always eager to help its students in their constructive endeavours.

This proved to be a very good decision, since her group won the prestigious prize for the best business plan – a certificate, a medal and a 40% discount for the Global Volunteer programme.

AIESEC internship for the motivated and dedicated

AIESEC is a global, non-political, independent, not-for-profit organisation run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. At the presentation of the programme held at Savremena, Katarina and her fellow students immediately recognised an opportunity to enrich their school experience, as well as undertake some new activities, so they did not hesitate to apply. The workshops took place on the 6th floor of Belgrade Palace every Saturday and lasted for six weeks. According to Katarina’s own words, the work ethic nurtured during the workshops, along with the intriguing lecture topics, increased her motivation to study and focus on her school-related work at home, which is a valuable habit she picked up.

Valuable experience for future professional development

The participants of the workshops were divided into groups which had their own topics to work on – their own business ideas. Katarina’s group developed the business idea to start an eco-friendly bicycle company called BeoBike.


The whole idea was presented through the business plan that they had devised and their explanation of how they believed a business of that sort should be run.

"Throughout my three years of attending International School Savremena, I have developed many talents that can help me create a perfect presentation, as well as design a layout which will be quite appealing and understandable to others. This has greatly influenced the way the judges saw our business presentation, and apart from having one of the most unique ideas out of all eight groups, we also had the best execution," says Katarina.

Incentive for future activities as well

The whole experience was enjoyable and it served to strengthen the students’ self-confidence and provide invaluable support for their future education. As our medal-winner says: "Now, not only have I met new friends and made new connections, but I have also added something unique to my list of experiences that will help me improve myself, as well as help me get accepted into a university that recognises and values these ambitions as much as I do."

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