Holiday cheer for everyone: Gifts for residents of Drinka Pavlović Children’s Home

On 17 December the students of International School Savremena, together with their teacher Tatjana Koluvija, donated gift baskets to the children at the Drinka Pavlović Children’s Home.

Kind-heartedness and altruism led the students to collect school supplies, books, toys and other necessary items for the children in care.

Savremena’s storytellers

Apart from showing their generosity, compassion and kind-heartedness by donating the gift baskets, the students applied for creative workshops held at the Drinka Pavlović Children’s Home.

In the workshops, which will take place during the summer school semester, our dedicated and mature students will address various topics that are relevant and important for the children.

Merciful hearts of Savremena

Helping others is an invigorating and selfless act, filled with a desire to create a better future world for all. Savremena promotes such values through the activities organised by the teachers and students alike. The most recent visit is a perfect example of this, since the students showed maturity and selflessness by creating the gift baskets and by showing great interest and dedication as volunteers at the Drinka Pavlović Children’s Home. This activity made a great difference to all parties involved it brought a smile to the residents of the children’s home, it helped the employees in their everyday tasks and, once again, showed the altruism and generosity of young Savremena’s students.

International School Savremena cherishes compassion and selflessness as some of the most important traits. Through numerous charity events organised so far, Savremena’s students experienced the act of unconditional giving and bringing a smile to someone’s face.

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