Responsibly into the future: Biljana Tipsarević addresses the problem of teenage pregnancy

International School Savremena has once again proven that it is concerned with its students’ well-being as well as their academic success.

On Thursday, 13 December, fashion designer Biljana Tipsarević held a presentation which emphasised the importance of being aware of the rising issue of teenage pregnancy. A great number of students participated in the presentation, proving that Savremena’s students are mature and responsible towards themselves and others.

The worrisome statistics

The numbers of teen pregnancies rise every year and the prognosis for the future is a bleak one. The number of teen mothers who graduate is rather low, as an estimated 5% to 33% of girls aged 15 to 24 who leave school in some countries do so because of early pregnancy or marriage. This in turn affects their future academic achievements, as well as their careers and income.

The attentive students at the presentation found this piece of information rather alarming.

The importance of addressing the issue of teen pregnancy

Our country is among those with the highest number of teen pregnancies. This is why International School Savremena, inspired by designer BIljana Tipsarević, the head of the “Plan Well in Advance” campaign, organised a discussion on this topic, where professionals in family planning and medicine educated young people on the consequences of teenage pregnancy and pregnancy termination.

Teen pregnancy

The students also learnt about prevention, risk identification and avoidance, and the development of a positive attitude towards sexuality.

Savremena’s students – future advocates for raising awareness about this issue

This presentation encouraged the students to pose numerous questions and participate actively in the discussions. They showed an understanding of the fact that the issue of teenage pregnancy is a burning one, and that the focus should be on its prevention. In the same vein, the students of International School Savremena can now be agents for raising awareness and making choices that lead to healthier lives for themselves and their future families.

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