International School Savremena’s students attend the play

The students of International School Savremena attended the play "When Someone Rings the Doorbell", written by the French writer André-Paul Antoine on Thursday, 13 December at the Čukarica Cultural Centre.

The characters are played by Anđela Rajić and Nikola Ugrinović in their master’s thesis roles, with Božidar Đurović and Hadži Nenad Maričić as their mentors. Savremena’s students were delighted by their performance and exquisite acting abilities.

Deeper awareness of the meaning of life and individual freedom

"When Someone Rings the Doorbell" is a story of a sudden encounter between two people after which their lives will never be the same again. The play left a mark on the students, and after the deep dialogues, a silence fell on the room during which the audience was left to rethink their own lives and the meaning.

The psychological and philosophical approach and the actors’ talent successfully painted the slavery of the modern man the man who is nothing more but a slave to his/her own life. The audience was made to think whether insanity is a finite category or, potentially, a relative thing.

Laughter and uncertainty in the audience

Ever since someone rang the door the stage was a canvas for a plethora of emotions: fear, anxiety, anger, love, loneliness. The audience was wide awake while they watched the story unfold, with smiles on their faces as they enjoyed the youthful spirit and charming disposition of the young actors.

The play

“The play is at the same time light-hearted at moments and deeply unnerving, as it tries to answer some of the most intriguing questions of humankind. The acting, music and costumes were extraordinary. Both young actors showed great knowledge of the human soul and the fears all of us have. The lead actress was exquisite and the leading male role was demanding, while the stage design and the music played an important part as well”, said English and Sociology teacher Jovana Živković.

Deafening applause for talented actors

An unusual story of a sudden encounter between two strangers who become real friends intrigued the students, and made them think about freedom and the concept of a fulfilled life. The audience, which included the students from International School Savremena, welcomed the actors with applause and sincere emotions.

Taking into account that theatre and cinema visits are among the best-loved activities at Savremena, the school will continue to organise similar events to entertain the students and support their academic development.

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