Presentation of the Faculty of Economics at Savremena

It is never too early to plan for the future. International School Savremena believes in the proactive approach to the choice of one’s calling, which is why the ambitious and dedicated students of Savremena were presented with an opportunity to learn everything about University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Economics.

Several former students of the faculty talked about the potential choices of future students. What was particularly interesting was the presentation of Economics and Finance, an English-mediated international programme created in cooperation with London School of Economics.

Plethora of choices

The number of bachelor programmes offered by the Faculty of Economics is vast and diverse.

The faculty offers interesting undergraduate and graduate studies in economics, banking and finance, international economics, accounting, management, marketing, statistics and quantitative economics. In addition to the abundant programmes, what sets this faculty apart is the innovative and contemporary approach to studies. The curricula and syllabi are constantly updated and revised to mirror the global changes in the education systems as well as the labour market.

The world in your neighbourhood

Living in this global and highly competitive world, young scholars of today are required to choose their future career paths wisely. The multinational and multi-ethnic nature of the working environment requires great interaction and cooperation between different educational institutions.


An example of this is Economics and Finance, an English-mediated international programme created in cooperation with London School of Economics. And for those students who are hungry for experiences abroad, organisations such as Erasmus, CESEENet, and Magellan Exchange Network offer numerous exchange programmes.

The theory and experience on studies

International School Savremena encourages its students to tackle the modern, competitive environment with sound academic skills. Yet, the experience of working in a large corporation offers a priceless well of knowledge, as well. This is precisely why the Faculty of Economics has a well-developed network of companies which offer internships to students, enabling them to acquire invaluable skills for their future. International School Savremena encourages such development of its students, which is why it will continue to host similar presentations in the future.

Contemporary in any sense of the word, our school offers functional knowledge and quality preparation for tertiary education in Serbia and abroad. Implementing modern and creative teaching in the classroom, where the teachers’ pedagogy and students’ performance are aligned with the highest academic standards for the high-school finals, our school develops linguistic, mathematical, scientific, artistic, cultural, technical and ICT competence, which is a prerequisite for further education and professional development. Teaching is supported by the interactive whiteboards and educational software, whereas practice exercises research and critical thinking.