A wealth of medals: Savremena’s national synchronised swimming team member Dora Vaščanin triumphs again

Dora Vaščanin, Savremena’s first-year student and member of the national synchronised swimming national team, has recently won numerous medals.

At the international Synchro Open Stari grad synchronous swimming competition, held 9 – 11 November in Belgrade, Dora won a silver medal with her club 25. maj in the combo category, and 1st place in the junior figures category.

The following weekend, at the national championship for seniors and the national classification championship held in Niš, she won another 3 gold medals with her club – team free at the classification championship, team free at the NC for seniors, and combo at NC for seniors.

Successful competitions behind Dora – with plenty more to come

Synchro Open Stari grad 2018, organised by LEN and KUSP 25. maj, with support from the synchronised swimming federations of Belgrade and Serbia, and under the patronage of the Belgrade City Secretariat for Sport and Youth, was held 9 – 11 November at the SC Milan – Gale Muškatirović swimming pool.

The competition, which was leg 3 of the LEN Synchro Cup, was organised for the first time this year, and Dora is very proud of her club’s results; they received silver medals for their effort and hard training, which for her is an encouragement for future contests.

However, Dora’s accomplishments didn’t end at Synchro Open Stari grad – she continued her run at the national championship for seniors, held at the Čair Sports Centre swimming pool in Niš.

Despite the tough competition comprising as many as ten domestic clubs, Dora’s team achieved an overwhelming victory.

Achievements to be proud of – national champion, and national team member since 2017

Thanks to her success, talent, dedication and tenacity, Savremena’s student Dora Vaščanin has become one of the best synchronised swimmers in Serbia.

Since 2013, when she entered the pioneer squad, Dora has won numerous medals. That year, she became national champion at the U12 competition for girls, and three years later she won her first gold medal in figures for pioneers. The same year, her dedication earned Dora a place in her club’s cadet squad which won the national championship in the team and combo categories.

Since 2017, Savremena’s swimmer has been a member of the cadet, junior and senior squads of the club in team categories, becoming the national junior and senior champion although she was still in the cadet age group. She is also a member of the Serbian cadet national team for 2018/2019.

Behind a good sportsperson, there is always a good club, and this year Dora’s confirmed their quality in national championships in all categories – they are champions in the senior category in the team and combo events, in the junior category combo event, as well as in the cadet category team and combo events.

“We hope Dora will win many more medals in the future with her club 25. maj and the national team”, said Dora’s parents, Tamara and Saša.

Beauty of movement and elegance

Synchronised swimming is a sport which includes a series of rhythmic movements accompanied by music. This is the only sport which comprises elements from gymnastics, ballet, swimming, diving, acrobatics, all of which is accompanied by music.

In addition to music, each performance must contain the appropriate swimsuit, makeup, hairdo and decoration.
We congratulate Dora on her achievements and look forward to new accomplishments.

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