Discussion about healthy food and supplements at Savremena

Friday was a day dedicated to healthy food and healthy spirit. The students and teachers alike were invited to the presentation on healthy food and healthy supplements given by the PE teacher, Uroš Krstović. The conversation covered a wide range of topics concerning healthy eating as well as physical exercise, and all participants heard numerous valuable tips and tricks.

In a world of options, what is the best one?

What is really healthy and what is a part of the media trends today? It is rather difficult to make the right decision in this world of choices and great variety of products on offer. International School Savremena recognises the trends of modern society, which is why this presentation was organised.


Mr Uroš Krstović has vast knowledge of right food choices and proper diet which he shared with the audience eager to have those dilemmas solved. The students and teachers learnt many practical tips, including how to opt for the right fruit, vegetables and meat products.

Fit body for a fit mind

The large number of students from all years who attended the event testifies to the importance of such presentations, along with academic ones.

The students of Savremena are well aware of the fact that taking care of one’s body and health is of the utmost importance, which is why they approached this presentation seriously. It is necessary to eat quality produce and to enrich the body with beneficial supplements so as to enhance focus and knowledge acquisition.

International School Savremena believes in this moto and that is why numerous events of such nature will be organised in the future as well.

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