A look into the future at Belgrade Science Festival

For the students of International School Savremena, Thursday, 29 November was dedicated to sciences and the future of this beautiful planet that we live on.

Together with their psychology teacher Mr Nikola Samac, the students visited the largest science festival in Southeast Europe, Belgrade Science Festival, and spent several hours observing all the exhibitions, shows and experiments that intrigued their creative, scientific minds.

Sustainability for next generations

Apart from hosting a number of workshops and exhibitions for numerous visitors from the region, this year’s festival served as an eye-opening and educational event.

At the festival, held under the slogan Future Earth, the visitors could examine the future of the Earth but also learn about different ways science can offer environmental and sustainable solutions to the issues we all face as inhabitants of this planet. The students and their teacher explored different stalls and talked to many of the participants, gathering their perspectives on various topics, which they used as conversation starters for lively classroom discussions in the following days.

Active participants rather than bystanders

Savremena’s students were intrigued by different topics covered, and this visit was an exquisite opportunity for them to gather new and important information on the future of our planet and share it with their peers, thus raising awareness of the younger generations.


By participating in the process of spreading knowledge, these young creative and enthusiastic minds become ambassadors of change and agents of environmental protection.

International School Savremena promotes such ardent endeavours as they enrich the students’ academic and social skills. This is why Savremena’s tradition of visiting the Science Festival will not change in the near future.

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