The American Dream brought closer by Teach Us All Foundation

On Friday, 23 November, International School Savremena was the host to an extraordinary group of young people from the Teach Us All foundation who gave a presentation to the students of Savremena on studying in the USA.

The most awaited guest, our well-known rowing champion Ivana Filipović shared her experience about sport and academic scholarships, university life, and answered questions from the attendees.

The number of students present at this event testifies to the level of interest among our students to continue their education overseas.

A wide range of opportunities to choose from

This presentation was significant to the young scholars of Savremena for different reasons. Firstly, the first-person account of the time spent in the USA proves to be paramount in one’s decision on their future professional development path.

Therefore, International School Savremena strives to provide the students with as many similar encounters as possible, aimed at supporting the young minds on their educational journey. Secondly, such events teach the students to be more proactive in their academic life and use the opportunities in the best possible way.

College life in the USA

The most common questions posed by the students on the topic of studying in the USA were related to choosing the right subjects, as well as the possibility of receiving scholarships. However, their creativity did not stop there since they were intrigued by other topics as well, such as extracurricular activities and campus life. Such a broad view of interests is promoted at International School Savremena as one believes that a student’s life comprises both academic excellence and extracurricular activities designed to enrich the students’ personalities.

"A wonderful visiting experience and a dream yet to come!"

Amongst the plethora of questions from the eager and enthusiastic students on different aspects of studying in the USA, a very interesting and welcome addition to the presentation of former students was the visit by a little girl, the cousin of one of the speakers. She was delighted by her interaction with the students and their dedication to their future studies.

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