Talent of Savremena’s students: Photographer Elena Taševski presents her work in Belgrade and opens exhibition in Pula

Savremena’s class I-4 student Elena Taševski is serious about photography, as proven by her works. She recently had an exhibition in Belgrade as part of the birthday celebration held by Fabrika fotografa (Factory of Photographers). Soon afterwards, she opened a photo exhibition in Pula.

Elena’s photos at exhibition in Belgrade

Savremena’s student studies and exhibits as part of Fabrika fotografa, an association of amateur photographers, created in order to encourage photography aficionados to create, and to make their work known to the public. In October, they celebrated their fifth anniversary, organising as many as 11 exhibitions in Belgrade; among them was Elena’s exhibition.

“At Fabrika fotografa, we learn to view life through an endless sequence of good frames”, says Elena and adds that Fabrika allows her to express her creativity in a unique manner. “This is why I’m so grateful for the opportunity and experience I will cherish for the rest of my life”, says Elena.

Apart from Elena’s photos, the visitors were able to see the works of other amateur photographers, and experience these projects in a unique way.

Exhibition opening in Pula

Soon after the Belgrade exhibition, on Saturday, 3 November, Elena opened the exhibition of the students attending Fabrika fotografa entitled ‘Made in Fabrika Fotografa 5’, at the SKUC Pula Gallery. Her photos were also part of this exhibition.

Elena received praise from the attendees, some of whom she inspired to make their first shots in a different manner.

The retrospective in Pula encompassed 82 different projects.

Five years of good shots

Founded in mid-October 2013, the mission of Fabrika fotografa is to teach as many people as possible how to make good photos, while minimising the number of attempts and the need for processing.

“We teach people how to capture a moment instead of merely witnessing it, enabling others to feel its power and energy, and experience the emotion in the photograph”, said the founders of the association.

We are proud of the fact that our student managed to showcase her talent both in Serbia and abroad. We wish her plenty of great shots and successful exhibitions!

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