Global School of Entrepreneurship for Savremena’s students

On Thursday, 1 November, one of the most prominent youth organisations of today gave a presentation to the students of International School Savremena on the Global School of Entrepreneurship project.

A great number of students attended, many of whom signed up for participation in the project.

Youth leadership and initiative

AIESEC is an international organisation whose goal is to involve young people in a number of national and international projects, and raise their awareness about the opportunities for professional development and advancement. The GSE project serves the same purpose – secondary school students are invited to participate, and learn how businesses work and how to turn their ideas into reality.

Unemployment and choice of profession – issues to be tackled by young AIESEC ambassadors

One of the most prominent issues secondary school students face today is choosing their profession after graduation. Additionally, unemployment among younger generations is appallingly high, soaring to 48%. This project instructs and educates young people how to become entrepreneurs, and help others with their professional development.

Teamwork and multiculturalism

The students who participate in this project will be working in teams whose members have different backgrounds but all work on the same task. Through such practices, the students will learn not only the theory of business and entrepreneurship, but also certain social skills that every successful entrepreneur and student requires. Active young people are crucial for any change in society; both AIESEC and International School Savremena are aware of this fact, which is why this presentation was held for the second consecutive year.

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