International School Savremena’s students learn about stock market

On Thursday, 1 November, the students of International School Savremena had a unique opportunity to learn about the inner workings of the Belgrade Stock Exchange (BSE), when they visited this institution together with their Business and Economics teacher Ms Marija Milić.

During this visit, the students learnt about the manner in which the stock market functions and what the stock brokers job entails, in addition to discovering other mysteries of the stock exchange.

Manifold importance of the visit

BSE employees organised an educational and interesting tour for the students. They explained confusing charts with share values, different currencies, as well as the buying and selling of stocks. The importance of such visits lies in the fact that the students will be able to use this information in their school activities and exams. In addition, it will also help them professionally, as some of them might decide to pursue a career in economics and find a job in an institution such as the Belgrade Stock Exchange.

Practical knowledge on the national level

After learning about the history of the Belgrade Stock Exchange, the students were curious about the way the stock exchange works in our country, and how they could invest and buy shares in Serbia. Their Economics and Business teacher recognised the students’ interest, which is why additional lessons dedicated to this topic will be organised at the school.

Comparative study of the Serbian market and other markets in the world

BSE devotes great attention to international cooperation, one of the most important concepts in the evolving global society. Through advanced cooperation, BSE will prosper through competition and the exchange of ideas and practices with other, more prominent markets.

International School Savremena is aware of fact that understanding the nature of our society is of the utmost importance for young students, as it broadens their horizons and pushes them to think in a different, non-limiting manner. This is why the school will undoubtedly organise similar and other instructional visits in the future.

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