The National Bank of Serbia: Inside the main financial institution

On Monday, 29 October, the students of International School Savremena visited the National Bank of Serbia (NBS), a modern national and European institution.

Together with their Economics teacher, Ms Marija Milić, twenty students attended an NBS exhibition which gave them insight into the intricate world of banks, and enabled them to learn about the position of this institution within society.

The history of money

The students particularly liked the exhibition pieces related to the history of NBS, its foundation, first governors and banknotes. Furthermore, the exhibition addressed the economic history of Serbia through a lecture on inflation and the changing value of money.

The students also learnt about exchange policies and reserves, and the manner in which banks issue banknotes and coins. The exhibition not only contributed to the students’ academic development, but also allowed them to understand the inner workings of an important national institution.

The view of the treasury

In addition to the important and intriguing information on the history of the National Bank of Serbia, the students also learnt about the most important characteristics of a banknote, so as to be able to differentiate between forged banknotes and authentic ones.

The most interesting moment of the tour for the majority of the students was the gold bar, vigilantly guarded in a safe, that was showcased as a part of the exhibition.

Unforgettable experience at NBS

Upon finishing the tour, the students were asked to have their pictures taken so that they would receive a banknote with their image. Such an interesting and unique souvenir was given to the students as a token of the tour. International School Savremena received something as well – a coin from 1884.

Visits such as these are crucial for the students because it is of the utmost importance for them to have different skills and knowledge, as well as to perceive the learning process as something that is happening continuously.

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