A very successful visit to Belgrade Book Fair

For the students of International School Savremena, Thursday, 25 October was Book Day. Together with their physics and mathematics teacher, the students visited the 63rd International Belgrade Book Fair, and during the course of nearly four hours spent there, they had the opportunity to visit different stands and find the books that suit their taste.

Books as best friends

Reading as a leisure-time activity, as well as a part of school life, is immensely beneficial for the development of young minds. International School Savremena values the written word and its importance greatly, which is why this, now traditional, visit was organised in the first place.

Through exposure to the plethora of new publications in different formats, novels, tie-in novels written as accompanying materials to the newest blockbusters, graphic novels and many other, the students are immersed in the reading culture.

Classics prevail over contemporary writers

This year, even though there have been many new books and interesting titles, Savremena’s students have mostly opted for the classics.

International Belgrade Book Fair

The teacher and vendors alike shared their opinions on the best choices that would suit the students’ requirements, including the books that left a lasting mark on them. And those who did not come to the Book Fair this year were not left empty handed – their friends bought them books as gifts.

Books as educators

While some opted for fiction, others looked for useful guides on the stalls, books which would help them in their academic careers in a more direct manner.

Study guides for subjects such as English, Chemistry and History were cherished finds for the students at the Book Fair, as they can use these publications in their school work as a welcome printed alternative to the technology used daily at Savremena.

Enriched libraries and mature choices

At the end of the day, the students left the Book Fair with significantly heavy bags. Such visits enhance the critical minds of the students and invite them to broaden their fields of interest even further.

International School Savremena nurtures the culture of reading amongst its students and for that reason, such visits are a part of its tradition.

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