Ambassadors of goodwill: Savremena’s students at Bosi Fest

Students and teachers of International School Savremena have once again shown their social responsibility and understanding of the support to marginalised groups of people.

This time, Year 11 and their class teacher, Ms Ljubica Krstić, attended the Bosi Fest film festival devoted to the struggles and the position of people with disabilities in society.

An Alien Soul for raising awareness

The short documentary An Alien Soul was made by an Israeli film student with the Asperger syndrome. It explores the trials she goes through in the relations with other students, her creativity and her disability.

The spirit of equality nurtured at International School Savremena was once again evident when the whole class of Year 11 signed up to see this documentary.

It is essential for young minds to be aware of the challenges various social groups face every day, in this instance people with disabilities, in order for their own perception and acceptance of difference to be developed even further. Therefore, such extracurricular activities are encouraged and are of great importance, along with the students’ efforts towards academic excellence, said teacher Ljubica Krstić.

True values at Savremena

By participating in such events and activities, the students are exposed from their teen years to the demands of the multicultural and diverse global society.  


Previously, Savremena’s students visited the Christmas Charity Bazaar which included representatives from 51 countries, of different backgrounds and with diverse traditions. Also, a visit to the shelter was another activity in which the spirit of companionship and helpfulness was promoted by the students.

Furthermore, such activities encourage an open mind and a sense of acceptance. The students and teachers of International School Savremena will continue to promote the values of friendship, equality and selflessness, paving the way for future generations.

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