Another gold for kickboxer Nataša Katić, this time at Belgrade Championship

Savremena’s kickboxer Nataša Katić won a gold medal at the Belgrade Championship held on Saturday, 6 October in Lazarevac, at the SRC Kolubara sports hall. The championship was organised by the Kolubara kickboxing club, together with the Kickboxing Federation of Belgrade.

This competition gathered many kickboxers from nearly all clubs in Belgrade. The tough competition was a challenge and an incentive for our student to show her technique and strength, and achieve the best possible result.

Moving to a higher weight class didn't affect her path towards victory

Nataša competed in the K-1 junior 60 kg weight class. Despite the fact that she was ready for the match, not everything went according to plan.

“I applied for a lower weight class, but there were no opponents. That’s why I was moved to a higher weight class. However, this was no obstacle on my way to gold”, said Nataša after the tournament.


K-1 is the youngest kickboxing event which allows the use of knees. Due to its attractiveness, it has gained popularity, becoming one of the leading disciplines. Nataša’s dedication to training and her great love of the sport have earned her many accomplishments in various disciplines.

Nataša is a student of Savremena who has so far won prestigious medals in kickboxing competitions. Last year, she won a gold medal at the Belgrade Trophy, while this year she won silver at the European kickboxing cup Serbia Open 2018.

We congratulate Nataša on her achievement and wish her plenty of success in the future!

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