THANK YOU, STUDENTS: Savremena’s first musical SGrease takes Vlada Divljan Cultural Centre stage by storm

On Monday, 18 June, the Stamenković Stage at Belgrade’s Vlada Divljan Cultural Centre resounded with applause and cheers due to Savremena’s students’ phenomenal performance that brought the spirit of the 1950s to life with an unforgettable, spectacular take on the characters from the classic Grease in a new, modern setting.

The splendid atmosphere and the excellent acting, singing and dancing from the students faithfully evoked the heroes of this timeless coming-of-age story and served as another proof of Savremena’s teachers’ and students’ creativity and imagination.

Four months’ worth of dedicated preparations

As early as February, the students showcased their talents and showed up in large numbers at the audition for a school musical, wishing to make the SGrease team.

The entire project was prepared in the creative theatre workshop of Savremena’s students and their teachers Ana Mihajlović, Ana Manojlović and Tamara Rajinac. The teachers were in charge of the script, the directing, as well as the choreography and the musical arrangements; they consistently supported the students throughout the numerous rehearsals and monitored their progress.


“The students accepted each and every suggestion from the rehearsals; the progress made since the first rehearsal is nothing short of amazing,” said Serbian language teacher Ana Mihajlović.

To invite everyone with an interest in acting, dancing and singing to their musical, the students used an unusual avenue – a self-produced video:

Talented students’ impressive performance delights full house

Although the doors of the Vlada Divljan Cultural Centre were open to all that evening, the students did not quite expect that there would not be a single empty seat in the audience. Behind the curtain, the air was electrified with exclamations from the stage-ready modern actors, dancers and singers. “Guys, the theatre is full.” “ We have to be up to this kind of turnout.” “We can do it.”...

And then, the curtain opened and the magic commenced.

Adriana Salahović and Pavle Đorđević shone bright as Sandy and Denny; Kristina Jokanović thrilled everyone with the talent she expressed in the role of Rizz.


Budimir Stošić as Kenickie, Viktor Đurić as Sonny and Jakov Travica, who played Vince, fascinated the audience, especially in the Greased Lightnin’ scene, where they were joined by their teachers Stefan Radojičić and Miloš Grubješić for an unforgettable performance.

Tamara Jakuš and Ana Jeremić excelled as the Pink Ladies, while Ivona Rambosek and Jana Nikolić impeccably embodied the heroine’s friends and showcased their own singing prowess.

Pink Ladies

As the Makeover Masters, Jelisaveta Nedeljković and Stefan Glišović won the audience’s heart, as did Milica Petronijević and Jana Andrić, who earned their rounds of applause as the “nerd” and the strict teacher.

Enthusiastic applause also accompanied the memorable performances by Jelena Božinić, Elena Ćuća, Uroš Jež and Mina Vučićević.

Each of these students deserves credit for the excellent performance of the musical, which provided a veritable Broadway experience to the audience. This great cast breathed as one and proved that team spirit, playfulness and love for the stage and the arts must result in such a resounding success.

Shoolmates’ ever-present support

Such success, however, would be impossible without the other students from Savremena, who supported their friends from the audience; who cheered and applauded; laughed and cried with them…


At the end of the evening, they extended flowers and hugs to Savremena’s performers, showing, in no uncertain terms, how proud they were of them.

“This sure was one great rollercoaster of emotions,” said the teachers in charge of SGrease at the end, not hiding their own pride in everyone who helped this musical meet all expectations.

Such conclusion of the school year is another proof of all the things that make Savremena truly different.

See the musical for the full experience:

More pictures in our gallery.

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