Biodiversity week at Savremena

International School Savremena has a tradition of organising interesting activities and events at the end of the school year, so as to reward its students for all their hard work.

This time, Savremena decided to surprise its plant and animal lovers with one entire week of different visits and activities that celebrate biodiversity, as a tribute to the International Day of Biological Diversity, celebrated on 22 May.

Visit to Belgrade Zoo

Biodiversity week at Savremena started on Monday, 21 May, when Year 10 and Year 11 students, accompanied by their biology teacher, Miss Nadežda Golubović, and English teacher, Miss Ljubica Krstić, paid a visit to Belgrade Zoo. There, they had the opportunity to see various animals from different parts of the world. The zoo even includes some of the endangered and rare species that Savremena’s students would not have the chance to see anywhere else.

Life in a droplet

Tuesday, 22 May, featured an entirely different, but equally interesting topic microscopic animals. This time, biology teacher, Miss Nadežda, took her students on a journey through microbiology, and showed them how interesting the microcosmos of a droplet can be.

On this day, Savremena’s older and more experienced biology students from Year 12 assisted in searching for microscopic animals known as water bears, creatures capable of surviving in the vacuum of space. Other students were able to see that there is a world beyond their eyesight in just one drop of water taken from the moss. They took turns at the microscope to witness a vast variety of life and fast movements of tiny creatures.

Exploring marine life at the Tropicarium

Wednesday, 23 May, was the day dedicated to marine animals, so Savremena’s students visited Belgrade’s Tropicarium, located in the heart of our capital, where they had the chance to become familiar with a variety of tropical aquatic species.


They were amazed to see piranhas chasing their prey, a lizard that can walk on the surface of water, and many more fascinating fish species. The students did some research during the tour, and learnt more about the fish that live in the tropics and in our country.

A walk around the botanical garden for plant lovers

Savremena’s Biodiversity week ended with a visit to the Jevremovac Botanical Garden. Geography teacher, Vladimir Milošević and Biology teacher, Nadežda Golubović, came up with the idea to have an interdisciplinary lesson about biodiversity and the vegetation of areas with different climate.

Botanical garden

Not only were they able to see versatile plants originating from different regions around the world, but they also were able to enjoy the soothing landscape and natural environment in the centre of Belgrade.

International School Savremena knows that events like these stay in the students’ memory the longest, and that they learn the most if they have fun at the same time. We’re looking forward to seeing what fun and exciting activities Savremena’s teachers will prepare next.

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