Savremena hosts international #LIEC2018 conference

On May 19, Savremena welcomed the most prestigious experts from renowned institutions, including Cambridge Assessment English, OSCE Mission to Serbia, the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, the Italian Institute of Culture, the French Institute in Belgrade and the Goethe Institute. For the first time in the Serbian capital, they discussed the importance of bilingual education in the world.

At the LINK International Education Conference #LIEC2018 – Being Bilingual, the participants shared their experience with their colleagues from all around the world, first at the Terazije Theatre, where the plenary part of the conference took place, and later at Savremena, during workshops in German, English, Italian, French and Serbian as a second language.

Savremena gimnazija

Bilingualism is the future

As a school championing bilingual education, Savremena did an excellent job hosting bilingual educators who praised the exquisite organisation of the event during which they received valuable input from experts.

Among the participants at this prestigious conference were also some of the teachers from Savremena Gimnazija and International School Savremena, as well as Savremena’s principal Svetlana Belić Malinić, who opened #LIEC2018.


At the workshops in English, the school counsellor Nikola Samac talked about the psychological processes in bilingual students; English teacher Ljubica Krstić focused on the linguistic challenges faced by bilingual students; maths teacher Andrej Bunjac presented STEM education in the bilingual context, while English teacher Marija Gičić Puslojić talked about translanguaging and upgrading language dynamics.

Praiseworthy host

According to the numerous positive comments received after #LIEC2018, Savremena proved to be an excellent host which met the participants’ expectations.

In addition to expertise, the participants of #LIEC2018 also received a certificate of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, a price reduction for exams organised by LINK Examinations Institute, as well as the LEI certificate, points for professional development, and valuable experience from colleagues from various European countries.

Savremena will continue to organise similar conferences so as to cover the topics that are important for the development of education in Serbia, and implement all the conclusions in their activities.

Take a look at #LIEC2018:

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