Walking on the ceiling? It’s possible: An adventure to remember at the Museum of Illusions

In early June, Savremena’s students were among the first visitors of the newly opened Museum of Illusions in Belgrade, which immediately earned praise from people from all age groups.

Reality or illusion

Upon opening on 22 May, the Museum of Illusions generated great interest among the public which headed to the museum to see the things that twist human reality.

We can say that the museum has already become a favourite city destination, which Savremena’s students got to visit.

Unusual perception and optical illusions

The unique exhibition comprising more than 70 pieces provided the students with an intriguing visual, tactile and educational experience during this entertaining adventure.

As soon as they stepped into the museum, Savremena’s students were amazed with the surroundings, and started making interesting photos.

Savremena’s students defied gravity in the upside-down room, became dwarves and giants in the Ames room, watched their heads being served on plates as delicious food, and tried to keep their balance in the vortex tunnel.

In order to help the students connect this incredible experience with the science learnt at school, the teachers explained to them why we can see the things our brain cannot understand, and presented the science behind optical illusions, perception and the human brain.

After the visit, the students concluded unanimously: they will return to this place very soon.

More pictures in our gallery.

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