First generation of Savremena’s Cambridge graduate students receive diplomas at formal ceremony

Darija Vuković, Nikola Grzunov, Stefan Grzunov, Miloš Lazarević, Katarina Kinđić, Nikola Kuzmanović, Anita Spasojević, Milana Stanković, Karim Faris and Marija Bulatović are the first Cambridge students to graduate from Savremena International School, celebrating the end of their education at Savremena on Friday, 16 June.

Accompanied by their parents and teachers, the students received their diplomas at a formal ceremony at the Crystal Hotel, after which they symbolically threw their graduate caps up in the air and enjoyed the party that followed.

A generation to be talked about

For the effort and hard work they had invested in their education, the students deserved to celebrate their achievements in a truly different way, which is why Savremena International School made an effort to organise an event worthy of successful students that they are. Savremena’s graduates came to the ceremony wearing black graduate gowns and sashes, but more importantly, they came in an excellent mood.

The school’s principal Svetlana Belić Malinić welcomed the guests with a speech, after which all the attendees watched a video in which the students thanked their teachers for everything they had done for them during their schooling.

The teachers also wanted to remind these young, smart and talented students that they were an important part of their schooling at Savremena, so they, too, came to the ceremony wearing graduate gowns.

The students proved they were truly different graduates with their formal speeches in which they brought smiles and tears of joy to the teachers’ faces. Tatjana Vilček, Sanja Bogdanović, Nikola Samac, Stefan Radojičić, Jasmina Arsenijević and Jasna Glavonjić received the most touching messages of gratitude, not only for the lessons in business, history, sociology, PE, English and maths, but also for the most important life lessons they had taught them.

The fun part of the event, favourite among the students, ensued after the formal diploma awarding ceremony. The brilliant generation of Savremena’s students marked the end of this successful period in their lives by symbolically throwing the graduate caps up in the air.

Crystal heart and public acknowledgement for the best in class

Katarina Kinđić, the best student of the generation, was awarded the Crystal heart. Savremena was particularly proud of the fact that, thanks to her effort and knowledge, Katarina appeared in the daily paper “Blic”, in the section titled The future of Serbia.  

Congratulations to Savremena’s graduates on successfully completing secondary education! We wish them the best of luck in future endeavours!

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