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Are you dreaming about recording a memorable film? Composing a catchy tune? Exploring, discovering or publishing articles in the newsletter? Showing the world all your hidden talents and penchants?

When the bell chimes for the end of a school day, Savremena's door remains open for you! In a plethora of clubs and workshops you can choose the ones which suit your interests. So take that camcorder and make your first film! Pick your instrument and let it whisper the most wonderful melody you would like to share with the others! Grab that pen and start writing creatively! Review and publish - make the world a better place! Let your camera capture the most stunning moments around you!

Clubs designed to suit the students

A Hitchhiker's Guide to BOARD GAMES

sekcija savremena gimnazijaHow do you feel about DRAGONS? Or COWBOYS? Or a full armada of SPACESHIPS? Make your friends tremble in fear as you stomp their armies or seize all their profits using nothing but sharp wits and a bit of GAME THEORY magic from your sleeve.

BOARD GAMES are almost as old as civilisation itself and here we'll play and explore how this fascinating entertainment medium evolved to the modern day. From Mancala and Chess, through Dungeons&Dragons to Smallworld and Colt Express.

We have it all! Do you have what it takes to WIN? No worries if you don't – you'll learn all you need right here!

From Atoms to Zodiac

FROM ATOMS TO ZODIACA journey that started billion years ago, still going strong. How did people connect their personal lives with star constellations and what are the consequences of such belief?

Where can we place the line between truth, belief, and science when it comes to zodiac interpretation? Can you make your own future or is everything predestined in the stars of our galaxy?

Let's start a new journey where you'll find answers, and possibly, find out something new about yourself.


PICTIONARYAre you creative? Do you like playing games?

How good are you at guessing? Do you think you can draw? Do you dare to challenge yourself and others and have some fun?

If you can stand literally LOLing for 45 minutes straight, you are welcome to join the club!

Design Studio

DESIGN STUDIOLearn how to create fantastic designs in Autodesk and explore your creativity through digital art.

Challenge your natural curiosity and engage in some intriguing mental gymnastics.

Feed your mind and experiment with your old friend The Laptop.

Truly different singing club

TRULY DIFFERENT SINGING CLUB"If you like singing and performing, this is the club for you.

You will learn how to breathe right, warm up your vocal cords and release your inner singer. Give yourself a shout-out, and remember: it’s not about how accurate you are, it's about how much fun you have.

No talent required, just good vibes and love for singing!"

The science behind movies

The Science behind the ScenesEver wondered how your favourite films stack up to science?

Can your hero really outwit the villain? What are the implications of the hero's victory?

We can talk about it all!

Web Scraping for Fun, Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking

Web Scraping for Fun, Penetration Testing and Ethical HackingBe part of fun, easy, but useful web scraping projects! If you love playing games, and also want to show you creativity, join us to create your first program with Python and learn about penetration testing and ethical hacking.

Also learn about penetration testing tools like Kali Linux, and how to use Python to automate your life and your programs.

This will be a journey from zero to hero in Python, as well as your first web scraping process of automatically mining data or collecting information from the World Wide Web.

Look What They've Done to My Song

Look What They've Done to My SongIf you are one of those people who actually listen to the lyrics of a song, and if you would like to give creative writing a try, you are more than welcome to join this club! If you believe that there’s a poet inside every good songwriter, you will have plenty of material to work with.

Every song is a snippet of a life, real or imaginary. Your favourite musician might be on top of today’s charts or an oldie-singer from the ‘70s, but one thing is certain – they have only a few minutes, a couple of verses and a chorus to share a story.

However, for you, there are no constraints. Take those lines, let your imagination run free, and let’s turn them into short stories together!

Full metal alchemist

FULL METAL ALCHEMICWant to make gold out of lead? Then sign into our own brand of Hogwarts, but be warned: we do real science here.

As in, fun experiments and applied chemistry. Put on your lab coats and fire up the Bunzen burners beacuse chemistry is about to go practical.

Allow me to post!

ALLOW ME TO POSTCan I finally use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other apps without being bothered by the teacher? Well yes! Do we want to check all updates, see what's trending and post as much as we like? Yes!

Keeping track with the latest events and releases with the help of your teacher, posting the latest news, images and videos, creating ad campaigns and fostering the school spirit all in one.

If something new happens at school, we will be the first to know! You will never hear the sentence "Leave the phone" here.

What are all those songs about?

What Are All Those Songs About_Can you find meaning in the songs that you listen to?

From Nobel laureate Bob Dylan, through Iron Maiden and 2Pac, to Beyoncé and Justin Bieber, music has a lot to say.

We will listen to our favourite music together and interpret the lyrics so we could try to find a deeper meaning in them.


Sound of musicSound of Music

You enjoy singing, playing an instrument or two, or composing?

Then this is the right place for you! Together we will develop your talent, perform music in a group, ensemble or choir, mix many different styles, perform compositions you like and create new ones.

Be a performer and a creator, join us and, through improvisation, be part of musical magic.


Battle of wordsBattle of Words

Are you talkative and open-minded, but also competitive?

Do you enjoy a bit of respectful arguing every now and then?

Do you think you have the power to persuade others that you are right? If your answer to these questions is a resounding yes, why don't you join us in our debate club and let us put your skills to the test?

How to choose?

Choose as many clubs as you like and enjoy.

The clubs are optional - it is, therefore, not mandatory to choose any of these extracurricular activities if you do not envision yourself doing them. However, if you do choose an activity, it becomes mandatory and it is important that you attend the meetings regularly and consistently in order to really be able to master the skills covered in these clubs.

Pick one of the clubs and shake up your creativity. Our team of club instructors will help you develop both your intellectual and emotional integrity through various workshops and debate sessions. They are going to help you discover your talents, apply your knowledge in real-life situations and learn how to be even more efficient.

Free your talents and we are going to encourage, support and reward you!

Contemporary in any sense of the word, our school offers functional knowledge and quality preparation for tertiary education in Serbia and abroad. Implementing modern and creative teaching in the classroom, where the teachers’ pedagogy and students’ performance are aligned with the highest academic standards for the high-school finals, our school develops linguistic, mathematical, scientific, artistic, cultural, technical and ICT competence, which is a prerequisite for further education and professional development. Teaching is supported by the interactive whiteboards and educational software, whereas practice exercises research and critical thinking.
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