Student Involvement Coordinator at Savremena International School


We believe that, in a school environment, it is crucial that the students establish the right ethical values, along with good relations with their peers, teachers and the school staff.

Therefore, we have decided to dedicate even more of our time to the wishes and aspirations of our students, and have introduced another important position into our Savremena team the Student Involvement Coordinator, who will, along with the principal and the teachers, constitute yet another person our students can rely on.

Student Involvement Coordinator in Savremena

This is yet another way of ensuring that our students fully embrace their responsibilities; we are certain that, with the help of our Student Involvement Coordinator, they will find it easier to organise their time, and achieve even better results.

Student Involvement Coordinator’s main responsibilities

  • Everyday questions. Our Student Involvement Coordinator is there to provide answers to all the questions students may have regarding the school life, while taking care of the student’s affinities, teaching them ethical values that the school advocates, and propagating polite behaviour, good manners and communication both inside and outside the school.
  • The main link between the school and its students. Trust, respect and mutual understanding are the key points for a good relationship between the students and their teachers, which is why it is one of the responsibilities of our Student Involvement Coordinator. With her help, the students will be able to solve all the problems and find common ground with the school staff.
  • Organisation of all curricular and extra-curricular activities. The Student Involvement Coordinator works on raising the students’ awareness concerning the significance of socially responsible behaviour through organising humanitarian campaigns, participating in various cultural events, and workshops on culture-related topics.
  • Pleasant atmosphere at school. Another responsibility of the Student Involvement Coordinator is making sure that the students feel comfortable at school. She is here to help through conversation, support and understanding, as well as by checking the efficiency of the services such as healthy food and school transport. Owing to her, the students respect the school rules consistently and always do their best.

Meet the Student Involvement Coordinator at Savremena International School

Student Involvement CoordinatorThe position of Student Involvement Coordinator at Savremena International School is held by Ana Marjanović.

Ana is there to answer any question that the students may have and provide clarification on any school-related topic, devoting her time to each student, helping them make their school experience easier, more beautiful and more interesting.

If you feel that there is something else that you would like to draw our attention to, or you have any questions or suggestions, you can write to our Student Involvement Coordinator at:


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