For an incomparably modern and TRULY UNIQUE learning experience

In an effort to make learning easier and more fun, we have created another tool supported by modern technologies - the International School Savremena Android application for mobile learning.

Did you ever think that your school would apply all of the latest trends in education? Would you like to learn in a truly unique and modern way? Would you like the learning process to be more efficient? Would you like to try something new and unique, unlike anything in the region?

The Free International School Savremena Android application enables you to access the online platform for an even easier, more fund and more interactive form of learning with the help of your mobile phone. Click here to download the app.

Even easier access to everything you need

No matter where you are, whether it’s in a park, in a car or in a cafe, you can access the interactive learning materials and expand your knowledge in an easy way, even when you are not in a classroom. You now have even easier access to everything you need.

You can chat to your teachers at any time, complete tests and watch interesting videos. You can also watch live streams of seminars and lessons, exchange your thoughts and knowledge with other students and thus learn many new things.

Access learning materials at any time from any location

It was never this easy to access all of the learning materials. You no longer have to ask your peers about what you missed when you were absent or copy it from their notebooks. All of the available learning materials can be downloaded through the International School Savremena application and the new form of easier learning can begin.

Live chat



Live Class



Assess your knowledge at any time

You no longer have to rely on your friends and family to assess how well you have learned something. Now, in a modern and interesting way, you can assess yourself and evaluate your progression and find the things you need to work on some more. Select the type of test you wish to complete and the swipe or write the write answer and that’s it. You can test your knowledge at any time.

Ask a teacher anything you want to know

The chat consultations with teachers enable you to ask your teachers about anything that may have been left unclear or the things you wish to learn more about. You can also use the chat service to exchange information with your peers and stay up to date with school events.

Download the application now

You can download the International School Savremena Android application from the Google Play Store by clicking on the image or by scanning the QR code.

If you wish to learn new things and improve every day while managing your own time and not neglecting any other obligations, then try out the International School Savremena Android application!