Our school logo is the symbol of success

Our logo is not just an ordinary sign. There is a metaphorical tale to it. Each colour and element has a unique meaning that enriches the message that we wish to convey. However, artistically, they all merge in order to point to the values our school is proud of - those that emphasize the true importance of education.

The bird in the logo is an eagle. Its white wings and courageous flight represent youth, while its strength and dignity portray a young person in search of knowledge. The eagle also symbolises respect, strength, elevation, spirituality and the liberation from all earthly shackles. Endowed with an impeccable sense of vision, an eagle has always been a kind of visionary that announces change and encourages creativity.

An eagle is a bird of rulers, a celestial equivalent to the lion on Earth. Almost all nations respect it. In Slavic mythology, it is considered a divine bird, associated with supreme deities, rulers, noblemen and warriors. In Greek mythology, the eagle is the bird of Zeus, which is why it is often associated with the source and meaning of light. According to a myth, eagles, which are said to have begun their flight from the end of the world, met on the top of the omphalos at Delphi, where they remained perching and following the Sun’s path from dusk till dawn.

According to yet another legend, an eagle possesses the power of rejuvenation. It boldly flies towards the Sun, and once its feathers start burning from the scorching heat, it dives back into the water and emerges rejuvenated. The eagle is therefore considered to be a symbol of social and spiritual rising, while the connection with the sky gives it enormous power and keeps it in the heights.

The elements which combine into a modified semi-circle represent the horizon. Over the blue seas, green valleys and red mountains, our eagle flies courageously toward the Sun. But the horizon is also a metaphor...

Our students enter Year 10 and embark on their journey through the world of knowledge that awaits. Much like the sea, Year 10 can be turbulent and seem infinite. It too shall pass and in Year 11, from the security of the green valleys, students can anticipate the challenges to come and prepare themselves to take flight. In Year 12 they will need to soar to great heights, so it will be both dizzy and busy like flying up the mountains. Leaving behind the challenges of the sea, the mountains and the meadows, our eagles, fueled by ambition ascend toward the Sun - to greet their future accomplishments in life and in academia.
In life, people come across many challenges, which is why we should use our wisdom to learn how to cope with them. Only when we are able to transform our fear of challenges into the courage to face them, are we able to get over them. School, is a horizon indeed, where the challenges might be a tough lesson, a bad mark, an argument with the best friend or disappointment with love. But our school supports our students so that there isn't a challenge unabridged with a solution. Only with such a foundation to spring from will our eagles truly be able to feel the air beneath their wings.

Our logo is not just an ordinary sign.
There is a metaphorical tale to it.


1.THE EAGLEslikaWHITE is a heraldic colour which represents youth and beauty. The white eagle in the logo symbolises our students, who grow from an eagle chick to a mighty bird, ready to majestically and boldly fly towards new academic challenges.

2. YELLOWslikaYellow is the colour of generosity and kindness, which are the virtues we would like to foster in our students' social relations, not only within the school but also outside the school. This is the very reason why we encourage social responsibility among our students and support volunteering in various extra-curricular activities.

3. GREENslikaGreen symbolises hope and joy. We see it in the smiles of our students and teachers, who have the power to move mountains.

4. PATRON SAINTslikaAs a bird of enlightenment, in Christianity, the eagle is identified with St. John the Theologian, Christ’s youngest and most faithful disciple, a witness to all of His earthly wonders and a devoted follower of His religion after the ascension. As a symbol of intellectual strength and commitment, St. John the Theologian is the patron saint of International School Savremena. He is symbolically represented as a flying eagle in our logo.

5. REDslikaRed stands for courage and determination. At our school being courageous and determined means recognising one's potential, which, with the support of the teachers and the family, can bring about excellence in learning and academic success.

6. BLUEslikaBlue is the colour of loyalty and truth. At our school, encouraging students to embrace these values is very important to us because they will only make them better people.


Our logo is represented on all the items in our souvenir programme, office stationery, school stationery as well as on our school uniform - T-shirts, jackets, caps, etc.
International School Savremena has designed a special uniform for its students in order to promote its ethos and inspire a sense of loyalty and belonging amongst its students. By wearing these, our students will have an opportunity to show how proud they are of their school.