For the Future of the Planet: Savremena’s students at Green Fest

Students and teachers of International School Savremena showed their awareness of contemporary social issues.

Together with their geography teacher Vladimir Milošević and biology teacher Nadežda Golubović, Year 11 students attended the exhibitions and films at this year’s Green Fest.

International Green Culture Festival

Green Fest, the International Green Culture Festival, was founded in 2010 and very quickly became the largest environmental festival in Southeastern Europe, combining environmental and cultural activities through film screenings, workshops, lectures, debates, exhibitions and innovations which connect and bring together people of all professions and age groups.

Moving pictures about environmental issues

Even though the students were having fun while watching the films, the educational nature of this visit was not missed. The film Roundup Facing Its Judges, which the students watched with their biology teacher, gave them insight into the impact of glyphosate, a broad-spectrum herbicide, on the human, animal and plant population.


Another film with a very intriguing theme was RiverBlue, which the students watched with their geography teacher. It goes into the core of one of the world’s most pollutive industries – the fashion industry. The documentary examines how rivers are destroyed by the waste from the factories. However, it does not end on a pessimistic note, as it provides several ideas on the solutions that inspire hope for a sustainable future.

The recycled art exhibition and new ideas

The highlight of the visit was most certainly the exquisite and innovative sculpture exhibition.

The portraits made from trash, mostly plastic, proved to be fascinating to the students and teachers alike with their variety of colours, creative approach to art, and environmental character. New ideas were born and the students felt inspired to view art and other kinds of creative expression from a different perspective.

Savemena’s future

The lively debates and school-related assignments spurred by this visit only prove that the students of Savremena are aware of the global issues affecting their immediate environment, and that their proactive spirit is growing.

By participating in such events and activities, the students learn of the demands and trials of our diverse global society.

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