Youth for Understanding exchange programme presented to the students

On Friday, 16 November, Youth for Understanding (YFU), a world-wide known organisation for student exchange, held a presentation of its programmes at International School Savremena.

Numerous students attended this event and left the classroom with new ideas for self-improvement, both in academic and personal aspects of their lives.

The benefits of participation

Youth for Understanding is a volunteer-based global non-profit community which strives towards lifelong learning, global competencies, mutual respect, and social responsibility. The students undergo the exchange programme, during which they are encouraged to take advantage of all its opportunities. The participants’ experience is enriched through their immersion in the competitive environment of intercultural communication and mutual understanding.

A one of a kind opportunity

The values cherished and promoted by this community are varied and diverse but they all have the common goal of heightened tolerance and understanding towards differences among the participants.

Youth for Understanding (YFU)

Savremena’s students who attended the YFU presentation had a unique chance to understand the importance of such organisations for their own advancement in their future education and careers. These opportunities are an excellent occasion for the students of Savremena to meet new people, make lasting professional contacts and adopt the necessary skills for the ever-changing global society.

The world at your hand

More than 55 Member Organisations across six continents allow for a global experience to be available to the participants of this programme. In the highly intercultural world, the world divided by inequality and power relations, the skills needed for successful communication and overcoming those differences are paramount.

YFU experience ensures that the participants receive these skills and apply them in real-world situations. International School Savremena believes that every young mind that enters the school door should be given a chance to broaden their views; becoming a part of YFU is one way to achieve this.

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