Another traditional Halloween party for students and teachers of Savremena Gimnazija and ISS

It's no surprise to see Savremena’s students bring medals and laurels to the school.

On Wednesday, 31 October the students and teachers of Savremena Gimnazija and International School Savremena celebrated Halloween at the premises of Savremena Gimnazija, 5 Masarikova Street.

Fancy dress party on the scariest of nights

Thanks to the students and their teachers, Savremena’s premises were decorated in the spirit of the scariest day of the year. Carefully crafted details contributed to the atmosphere, while the students’ and teachers’ costumes brought to life various witches, vampires, mythical creatures and other terrifying characters from films and books.

While the school band was playing, the guests treated themselves to a special Halloween cake and shared their impressions of the meticulously prepared costumes.

Prizes for the most original costumes

Because of the tough competition, choosing the best costume was no easy task. Still, the scariest costumes were worn by Y11 students Zoja Žegarac and Uroš Jež, and I-1 student Tara Adaktar.

The winners were awarded with a voucher for an Escape Room, where they will have a great time together.

The teachers also had original costumes that brought smiles to the faces of the students who are accustomed to seeing the teachers in their uniforms.

Visit the gallery to see the scariest and most original costumes.

After celebrating yet another Halloween, we are already looking forward to next year’s party and new, creative costumes!

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