Accomplishments come naturally to her: First place for Adriana Salahović at Angel Voice international music festival

On Friday, 28 September, Savremena’s third-year student Adriana Salahović participated, as a member of the “Glasovi Nade” singing school, in the international music festival Angel Voice in Belgrade, where she won first place in the 16-18 age category.

Children’s music festival in Belgrade

Angel Voice is an international music festival in Belgrade that has taken place since 2016. Its mission is to connect children from all over the world through music, develop their musical talent and enrich their creativity.

This year, the festival which took place from 27 September through 1 October, gathered more than 200 participants from Serbia, Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Croatia, Hungary, Moldova, Slovenia, Albania, Poland, Holland, Ukraine and Malta. Among them was Savremena’s student Adriana Salahović.

She chooses the songs with her heart

Adriana presented her angelic voice by singing Lara Fabian’s ‘I Guess I Loved You’.

When deciding on the songs for a competition, Adriana chooses the ones she truly feels.

“It is important for me to experience the song with my entire being so as to convey the emotion to the audience through the story and the music”, says Adriana.

Lara Fabian is a singer-songwriter Savremena’s student particularly appreciates. She enjoys her vocal ability, as seen in Adriana’s first video produced by Savremena:

A tough competition makes the success sweeter

Savremena has reported on Adriana’s achievements on many occasions, however, what makes her success even greater is the tough competition she faced.

“The participants came from all over the world and were more than ready. Her toughest opponents were undoubtedly from Romania, who, apart from great vocal technique, displayed excellent dancing skills”, says the young singer.

Support from loved ones and new friendships

Constant support is the greatest encouragement, as confirmed by Savremena’s student.

“I achieved this primarily due to the support received from my loved ones, and I am also thankful for the new friends I’ve made at the contest”, says Adriana through her smile, and adds that this is yet another beautiful experience to remember.

We congratulate Adriana on hew new remarkable accomplishment. We would like to remind her that she will always have support from her school which will, with great pride, report on her achievements.

We’re eagerly waiting for new performances and new accomplishments!

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