Classrooms without walls – a truly different start of the new school year

Yet another school year has started! On 3 September, Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13 students of International School Savremena returned to the familiar classrooms and hallways, while Year 10 students were introduced to their new school and friends, and learnt about the inspirational and educational lessons from their teachers.

The reception for the first day of school was held at the school premises at 45 Šumatovačka Street. The principal of the school addressed the students and wished them another successful school year, and the teachers introduced themselves to the students through riddles! After the reception, the students went with their class teachers to the classrooms where they received their uniforms and stationery to use throughout the year, as well as information regarding their school accounts, lessons and school regulations.

Fun and learning continued over the course of the next two weeks.

Team Day at Savremena

The beginning of this school year was marked by Savremena’s Team Day! Year 10 got to see Belgrade from a different perspective – from the rivers. During the cruise the students heard various interesting stories from their teachers about well-known places – Kalemegdan, the Nebojša Tower, the Great War Island, the Museum of Contemporary Arts, etc.

Year 11 students put their airsoft skills to the test together with their teachers, who haven’t forgotten what it’s like to play and have fun. But do not be fooled by the fun part – these activities were as challenging as they were entertaining!


However, it was not all about having fun. Year 12 students visited the Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade, where they learnt a lot about the only scientific institution in Serbia that focuses on the research of modern astronomy.

The oldest students of International School Savremena devoted the end of the first school week to sports activities. Both students and teachers played football – but of a different kind. It was balloon soccer, an entertaining activity in which everyone showed great team spirit.

The second week was reserved for History Day and Brain Day

The second week of this school year was dedicated to history and logic games, as the students visited museums and solved puzzles using clues.

Year 10 visited the Museum of Illusions. Surrounded by laughter and optical illusions, the students completed some school-related tasks at the museum. The very next day, they went on a treasure hunt at Kalemegdan. Split into smaller groups, the students received riddles and maps of Kalemegdan. The day was full of competitive spirit as the students rushed to solve the riddles and reach the finishing line.


Second-year students visited the Historical Museum of Serbia and attended the exhibition ‘Karađorđe’s Murder’. The students had a chance to learn more about the Serbian ruler through his personal belongings, such as his ring, flag, yatagan, etc. The visit to the museum was a nice preparation for an outdoor lesson when the students went to Hyde Park for an orienteering adventure. There were many physical obstacles, and teamwork was crucial for the win during this entertaining day outdoors.


Year 12 followed the development of science at the Museum of Science and Technology, where they learnt about the wheel-machine-engine progress, the manner in which communication systems have changed, the relationship between man and technology, and discovered a plethora of other interesting and useful facts. Then, the students stepped into detective shoes in the escape room The Secret of Nikola Tesla. The students had to overcome obstacles in order to find the exit through teamwork, deduction and ingenuity.

Trully different

Year 13 students travelled through history during their visit to Underground Belgrade. This tour led the students through the corridors of history, but in an innovative and inspirational manner.

The visit to the National Museum proved to be a fitting choice for the end of two weeks of classrooms without borders. The exhibitions set in a chronological manner from prehistory, the Middle Ages, up to the painters of the 18th and 19th century were the core of Year 13’s Brain Day.


This has been yet another truly different beginning of the school year, which prepared the students for new challenges and even greater achievements.

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