Graduation ceremony for another generation of Savremena’s students

International School Savremena’s students who attended the Cambridge programme received their diplomas at the formal ceremony held on 15 June at the Metropol Palace in Belgrade.

The end of their secondary education was very emotional for most of the attendees. This is a chapter that will stay engraved in their memory, not only because of their school friends, but also because of the teachers and the school management and other personnel.

A huge success

Seven Savremena’s graduate students – Gordana Hrkalović, Mina Kovačević, Marko Milenković, Karlo Kuleto, Vojislav Krečković, Danilo Stokanić, and the student of the generation, Ivana Todorović, prepared very emotional speeches for this occasion, thanking their teachers for being the greatest support in this part of their academic journey. Surrounded by their families and teachers, they watched a video that they had prepared for the occasion, which encapsulates the spirit of the firm friendships forged during their time at Savremena.

“It was my pleasure to learn from the teachers, collaborate with my classmates and meet all these wonderful people at school,” said Ivana Todorović, the student of this generation, at the graduation ceremony.


After the emotional moments that brought tears of joy to everybody’s eyes, Savremena’s graduates symbolically threw their graduation caps in the air, marking the official ending of their secondary education, and enjoyed the party organised in their honour.


Two diplomas worthy of world’s most prestigious universities

Education at Savremena enabled the students to complete two levels of the international Cambridge programme and obtain two international Cambridge diplomas that have already opened new paths to the world’s most renowned universities and companies.

International School Savremena wishes its graduates the best of luck in all their future endeavours, and is sure they will continue their education successfully and prove that International School Savremena was a great foundation for their success.

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