Fieldwork trip to Viminacium and Svilajnac

International School Savremena prepared a wonderful surprise for its Y10 students to mark the end of their first school year at Savremena. This time, they had a chance to experience an exciting and truly different interdisciplinary lesson in geography, biology and history outside of their classroom.

Teachers in charge of these subjects joined their forces and creative ideas to prepare a fieldwork trip for Thursday, 14 June: a visit to Eastern and Central Serbia and the archaeological site Viminacium and the Natural History Centre of Serbia in Svilajnac, and a scientifically-minded hike through Radovanje Forest, where they used various equipment to measure the humidity of air, pH value of soil, and vegetation.

This unforgettable journey in space and time was an exciting way for the students to put their theoretical knowledge into practice and perform geographical and biological research, while still learning about the famous sites and their significance in history.


History aficionados teach their peers about Viminacium

The Archaeological park Viminacium, located near Požarevac, and comprising seven sites including the northern gate of the Roman Camp (Porta Praetoria), the Roman baths, the Mausoleum, the Mammoth Park and much more, was an excellent place for the history lovers among the students to show how much they know about this subject.

Prior to the trip, they were assigned special tasks – to prepare a short presentation about one of the sites and share its story with their classmates. It goes without saying that the students couldn’t wait to try walking in their teachers’ shoes; the listeners certainly enjoyed their presentations just as much.

Next stop: Natural History Centre and dinosaur park

Having learned about Viminacium, Savremena’s students headed to the Natural History Centre of Serbia in Svilajnac – a place that merges science, education and tourism in a very specific manner, making this concept unique in this part of Europe. There, they were able to see the large exhibition space containing several thematic exhibitions: Geological Time Travel, The World of Dinosaurs, Biodiversity of Serbia, The Volcano, The Ice Age Witnesses and many others. However, what will surely stay in their memory the longest was the exhibition about dinosaurs, as they were able to see many showpieces of different species and learn more about them.

International School Savremena is sure this was the best and most fun way to spend the last day of this school year, before everybody goes on their well-deserved break. It is certain that Savremena’s students will cherish this trip in their memory and look forward to going on the next one.

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