Learning about the weather and meeting the supercomputer at the Institute of Physics

Savremena’s students are very curious about natural phenomena, and enjoy questioning the laws of physics and learning about the processes in nature.

This is why their teachers decided to treat them with as many as two visits to the Institute of Physics to mark the ending of another successful school year.

Learning about traditional and innovative weather forecasting

On Friday, 8 June, all students who love geography and who had ever wondered why weather forecasts are sometimes wrong and how meteorologists do their difficult measurements and calculations, paid a visit to the Institute of Physics, accompanied by geography teacher Vladimir Milosevic and mathematics teacher Andrej Bunjac.

Savremena’s students were greeted by the institute’s staff, who took them on a tour of the Environmental Physics Laboratory and the Low-Background Laboratory for Nuclear Physics, both dealing with the research of atmospheric phenomena, where they were able to learn more about the weather from a top expert – Luka Ilić, a meteorologist from the Environmental Physics Laboratory, who showed them a weather station and told them a little bit about traditional meteorological methods, and then showed them the devices used in an innovative approach to weather forecasting, explaining the impact of Sahara sand particles from the atmosphere.

Institute od Physics

The students also met Mihailo Savić, a researcher from the Low-Background Laboratory for Nuclear Physics, who took them underground and explained how their detector is used to analyse the interactions of the particles in the atmosphere with cosmic ray particles.

Computer science aficionados also visit the Institute of Physics

Another visit to the Institute of physics took place on Wednesday, 13 June, when Savremena’s computer science and physics lovers, together with teachers Ana Vlašić and Milić Vukojičić, visited the Scientific Computing Laboratory, where they saw a supercomputer for the very first time and learnt about its use in research. The visit also included a tour of other interesting laboratories at the Institute.

Owing to its unique spirit, state-of-the-art research and fruitful innovations, the Institute of Physics is recognised in Serbia as the leading national research institution, a centre of excellence in the region, and trustworthy partner and relevant research centre in Europe and across the world. In addition to their encounter with the supercomputer in the Scientific Computing Laboratory, the students learnt about the research performed at the Laboratory for Biophysics, the High Pressure Physics Laboratory and the Environmental Physics Laboratory, and had the pleasure of witnessing current scientific experiments.

The lecture about the supercomputer was followed by a modern lecture on gravity delivered by an esteemed Quantum Gravity researcher.

Cherishing love for knowledge through visits and field trips

International School Savremena knows that its students learn the most from exciting visits and unusual interdisciplinary lessons, and that learning on location from experts in the field stays in their memory for a very long time. This is why the teachers strive to organise as many of them as possible and make sure their students enjoy enriching their knowledge about all subjects.

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