Tara Papić third at Geography Olympiad; Ana Petrović and Aleksandar Zaplatić also shine

Savremena’s student Tara Papić joined the ranks of Serbia’s best young geographers and finished third at the national Geography Olympiad held on 27, 28 and 29 April, hosted by the Railway Technical School’s Student Home in Belgrade. Ana Petrović and Aleksandar Zaplatić also achieved notable results at this three-day competition.

Outstanding results at geography competitions have already become a tradition at Savremena; this year, no less than four representatives of the school reached the national level. Tara Papić, Ana Petrović, Aleksandar Zaplatić and Đorđe Taševski were quite successful at the regional competition held on 10 March and won this opportunity to compete with their peers from other parts of Serbia.

Theory plus fieldwork en route to success

Savremena’s students surmounted quite a few interesting tasks during the competition. The first day was designated for a written test, while the middle part of the competition was reserved for fieldwork at Ada Huja. The eventful second day started with the exploration of the island and spatial data collection. The students then presented their findings through SWOT analysis. The last day of the competition brought a multimedia test for another knowledge assessment. Savremena’s students did great in all events, proving that they truly belong to the elite club when it comes to geography competitions.

Congratulations to Tara Papić and other young geographers of Savremena and their teacher Ivan Matejić on great preparation and another achievement to remember!

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