Six students of Savremena pass to semi-final round of HIPPO English competition

On Saturday, 24 February, International School Savremena was one of the venues of the International English competition titled “HIPPO English without borders”. As many as 55 students of Savremena attended the competition and put their English skills to the test, hoping to be among the best ones who will go to the final round in Italy to compete against their peers from all over the world.

Savremena’s semi-finalists

However, only a few students with the best scores were able to pass to the semi-final round. Savremena is proud to announce that 6 of its students – Elena Ćuća, Iva Pavlović, Jana Kresović, Sara Milošević, Nina Andrić, and Teodora Jovanović – will be competing in the semi-finals on Saturday, 17 March at the Ćirilo i Metodije elementary school in Belgrade, against the top 10% of the students who, just like them, managed to qualify for the next round. Together, they will have an opportunity to fight for the finals, which are to be held in Lido di Jesolo in May. Instead of checking their reading and listening skills, this time they will put their reading and writing skills to the test.

Competitions – a great gathering place for talented students

The HIPPO competition, in association with Pearson International Qualifications, endeavours to not only enable students to show their language skills and knowledge, but also to gather English language lovers from across Europe, namely Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia and so on, and give them an opportunity to make new friends from other countries.

International School Savremena strives to encourage young talents in their academic endeavours. This is why it is looking forward to the next round of the competition and wishes its six students the best of luck in the upcoming round!

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