A reminder of good deeds: Savremena’s students continue their humanitarian campaign

Students of International School Savremena have once again shown their altruism. This time they’ve collected aid for the children at the Belgrade drop-in centres in order to give them comfort during the cold winter days.

Savremena’s students filled the boxes located at the entrance of the school with personal hygiene products, and added messages of comfort and support for their peers.

An exemplary lesson on beneficence

International School Savremena believes that it is very important to develop the awareness about helping those in need, which is a lesson it conveys to its students. This is why they always respond in great numbers to humanitarian campaigns organised by the school and help those who are disadvantaged.

Let us remind you that Savremena’s students have visited the children at the Drop-In Centre for the second consecutive year and donated help, thus giving an example to everyone. In previous months, they visited the Spomenak home in Pančevo, and just before New Year’s they spent time with the children from the Moša Pijade Children and Youth Home, and gave them presents to make their holiday season more enjoyable.

These selfless gestures have become a tradition at International School Savremena, one which the students strive to repeat as often as possible.

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