A new board game by Savremena's students

International School Savremena always strives to help its students learn something new, use their imagination and express their creativity at school and during extracurricular activities. At Savremena, it is not rare that students and teachers come up with an idea to do something truly different, which is exactly what they did during the weekend from Friday,  26 January to Sunday, 28 January.

Creating a game they have always wanted to play

Maths teacher and a huge board game enthusiast, Mr Andrej Bunjac, gathered a group of creative young  minds of International School Savremena, consisting of Aleksandar Fridl, Georgije Đukić, Marko Kučerija, Mihailo Jovanović, Milica Petronijević, Teodora Punić, Uroš Jež, Zoja Žegarac, and took them to an unusual event called Global Game Jam, an event organised locally in Belgrade at board game club "Astal", located at 27 Kralja Milana street. The students were divided into several smaller groups, and worked on different aspects of the game designing the board and the cards, setting up and writing down the rules, etc.

Vest global game jam

Equipped with nothing but creativity and fervour, they spent 48 hours upon the revelation of the theme designing their first game. All their imaginative efforts finally paid off, and on Sunday, Savremena’s team uploaded the downloadable and printable content to the Global Game Jam website for the world to see.

Now Savremena’s students will have a month to work on the details of the game, after which they will send their final version for printing, before they bring it to school and present it to their classmates.

About Global Game Jam

Global Game Jam is a world-wide event that promotes collaboration between creators and designers (old and young alike) to put in a joint effort and design their own board or video game in 48 hours and make the materials available to the rest of the world to see and use. This year’s event started on Friday, 26 January, when the theme was revealed, leaving the students with the rest of the weekend, until Sunday, to have their game completed, so that they can present it to other participants of the event.

What encouraged Savremena’s students to participate in this event and made it even more exciting was the fact that this year's local organisers, in collaboration with the Centre for the Promotion of Science, had provided the means for printing out physical copies of all the designed games using high-end technology.

We congratulate our brilliant young and talented game creators and look forward to enjoying their invention soon!

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