Film treat for canvas and silver screen aficionados

On Wednesday, 24 January, at the Cineplexx Ušće cinema, Savremena’s students enjoyed a new film release titled Loving Vincent and realised why this film is said to represent a revolution in the rich history of cinema.

The film, which took six years to make and combined two art forms, received rave reviews not only from painters and film connoisseurs, but from Savremena’s students, as well.

Enriching knowledge acquired in art lessons

Savremena’s students, who learnt about the life and works of Van Gogh in art lessons, revised and even expanded their knowledge through an unusual film story in which the life and controversial death of the post-impressionist painter are told through his paintings and the characters in them.


The plot, based on 800 letters written by the painter himself, led the students to significant people and events from the time prior to his untimely death. In Loving Vincent, the students could once again see the 120 best-known paintings by Van Gogh, but what fascinated them the most is the fact that the film comprises 65,000 frames, each of which is an oil painting on canvas.

Excellent impressions and comments proved that Savremena’s students enjoy their extracurricular activities and occasions in which they can familiarise themselves with current social and cultural events, particularly when dealing with topics they are interested in, which in this case was the tumultuous life of one of the most renowned painters of all time.

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