Savremena’s students’ fantastic New Year’s party

On Friday, 29 December, students of Savremena Gimnazija and International School Savremena enjoyed an unforgettable party at Belgrade Youth Centre’s DOB Club, where they celebrated the end of a successful year and welcomed 2018 in a festive mood, singing their way into the new year.

Saying goodbye to 2017 to the sounds of the school band, Gimnazijalci

The school life of Savremena’s students does not end at the classroom, as proven by the New Year’s party designed to their taste. The students created their own music set and enjoyed every moment filled with music, dancing and laughter.

New Year Party

Savremena’s students were entertained by a DJ, as well as their favourite band, Gimnazijalci.

As usual, the performance of the school band lit up the atmosphere, and the karaoke contest allowed the talented students to come up to the stage and show their singing skills and charm. The best one received prizes, as well as thunderous applause from their friends.


The special surprise guest at the party was actor Srđan Ivanović, best known to Savremena’s students for his roles in popular Serbian series, such as “Our Little Clinic” and “Love, Habit, Panic”, the film “Everything's for People” and many more.

Special guest

Music, dancing, laughter and a festive mood filled the hall of the DOB Club, as Savremena’s students waved goodbye to 2017. We have no doubt 2018 will be even better!

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